Are you an avid collector looking to part ways with your cherished HO slot car collection? Or perhaps you’ve inherited a treasure trove of AutoWorld, Hot Wheels, Airfix, or Tyco slot cars and want to find them a new home? Look no further!


Bartram Trading Post is looking to purchase small or large lots of HO slot cars from all eras to give these miniature racing wonders a new lease on life.

Understanding the Value of Your Collection: Before you reach out please start by evaluating the HO slot car collection because it’s essential to know its worth. Factors such as the rarity of specific models, their condition, packaging, and any accompanying accessories can significantly influence the value. Brands like AutoWorld, Hot Wheels, Airfix, and Tyco often have sought-after models that enthusiasts are eager to add to their collections.

To determine the worth of your collection please check collectible marketplaces, online auction platforms specializing in HO slot cars or HO speciality forums. We are a local buyer in Jacksonville Florida so we make selling your collection quick and painless, we will come to you. Once you determine a rough estimate of the value please reach out to us and send pictures. Please keep in mind that we typically buy our collections at %30-50 of the collections value as we have storage fees, selling fees and shipping costs to consider. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us.