Does Bartram Trading Post offer cash for "any" items?

Although we buy a large amount of different items, you may be surprised to hear that there are some items and collections that just don’t makes sense for us to buy. If your item is not a fit for us we will try and be helpful to give you some information on other ways to sell your items.

What is Market Value vs Wholesale Pricing?

Market Value is what your item will typically be purchased for at an auction or online marketplace. We base our buy cost for your items that meet our buying criteria on wholesale cost. The wholesale cost typically comes in at %30 to %50 of current market value as well as we determine the sell thru rate and how quickly your item may sell to determine our buy price.

What areas do you buy from?

While we typically buy from the local Jacksonville Florida area as it allows us to visit the collections for review. We also purchase collectibles and gear from across the continental United States depending on the weight and size. Typically, we do not buy from outside of North America. If you have a large collection, please contact us here.

How can I tell if Bartram Trading Post will be interested in my collection?

The easiest way to is to contact us using our web form. The form captures the information we need to determine if what you have to sell meets our buying guidelines.

Should I provide photos of my items I would like to sell?

Yes, photos of your items are very helpful in determining current market value so we can put together a cash quote quickly. Contact us using our web form, email or phone number and we will provide instructions on how to send photos. If you could provide a couple of images for your collection and send it to us we can work from there to get a quote. If you have an itemized list of your items that would even be better.

How do I receive my cash offer?

After we have all the details of your item(s) that include, photos, inventor list etc.. we will determine the current market value of your items then figure out the amount we can offer and sometimes we determine that your item is not a fit for our store. We will then reach out via a phone call or email to make a no obligation offer.